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All the care your pet needs - under one roof.  From preventative healthcare and surgery to in-house labs and radiology, we can perform most of the veterinary services you need right on the premises.

Preventive Health Care:
As part of preventive medicine, we encourage wellness exams, vaccinations, routine lab work, and parasite prevention to maintain the health of your pet through all stages of life.

Emergency Services:
Dr Hazlegrove provides on call emergency services for established patients.

We provide a wide variety of general, elective, and orthopedic surgery for our patients. We have digital monitoring and preop to recovery private technician care for your pet. We are strong advocates for pain management and strive to ensure the best pain control possible.

In-House Lab:
Our in-house hematology and chemistry lab allows us to provide quick and accurate lab results, which are essential to diagnosing and treating critical care cases. This service also allows us to offer pre-anesthetic blood testing the morning of surgery. Pre-anesthetic testing is an important tool we recommend in helping assess your pet’s health prior to surgery.

With our state of the art integrated digital x-ray, we have the ability to take, process, and interpret x-rays in-house. This provides the potential for rapid diagnosis and treatment and convenient doctor/client review.

Dental cleanings/extractions:
Healthy teeth and gums can help prevent heart and other organ disease. We offer and encourage regular professional dental cleaning to help prevent and treat dental disease and preserve general health. We also educate you on how to slow the progression of dental disease in your pet.
We offer a fully stocked pharmacy that is able to conveniently fill your pet’s prescriptions on site. We also offer a variety of parasite control products and prescription nutritional needs.

Help keep your pet from being lost. This procedure is a safe and permanent means of identification for your pet.

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